How to View Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 8

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Hiding files and folders in Windows is an excellent security choice. It is not an advanced security step but provides an extra layer of security for average computer users. It is also useful to protect any file or folder from accidental deletion. Ever since Windows XP, the process of hiding files and folders has been pretty simple and with only one minor update between the location of folder options and hidden settings. If you are a familiar with Windows 7 then you can easily show or hide files/folders in Windows 8 as well because most of the process remains the same. But as we know, Microsoft has changed a lot of things on Windows 8 and you should read this article if you wish to know of any changes in the process.

How to Access Folder Options in Windows 8?

1. Using Charms Bar Search

There are two way to access Folder Options in Windows 8. You can either search for it via Charms Bar Search or access it directly from the Control Panel. To access it by using Charms Bar Search, press Win + W and enter the term ‘folder options’ under Settings filter.


Now look at the right side panel (search results) and click on Folder Options.


2. Using Control Panel

This is an old way of accessing Folder Options in Windows 8 and has been used in all the previous Windows OS. Just open the Control Panel and once again type in the same keyword i.e. ‘folder options’ in Control Panel search and you will get the result to open Folder Options.


You can also access it from under Appearance and Personalization settings.


Under Folder Options, click on the View tab, select the option labeled Show hidden files, folders, and drives and click on the OK button.


Quickest Way to Check Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with a Ribbon Based interface and has lots of options that you can access with a single click. The new Ribbon interface also has an option to view hidden files and folders immediately without going through Folder Options. Just click on the View tab then check the box labeled Hidden Items and you should be able to see all the hidden files and folders without enabling this feature in Folder Options.



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