How to Enable Windows 8 Start Screen Tile Animation [Registry Hack]

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Most of the Windows 8 users must have noticed that Windows 8 Start Screen Tiles have an animated presentation but as soon as you open the Desktop, Tile animation is disabled permanently. By default, Microsoft has added a one time Tiles animation presentation and users are only able to view it when they install Windows 8 for the first time. After that, Tiles animation is disabled forever. The good news is that we can enable it via a small Registry hack which is fairly simple process. However, like I always say, messing around with registry can be risky especially if you have no idea about Windows Registry and how it works. If you are not an advanced user, then make sure you backup your registry; you can do this by downloading any of the numerous freeware utilities available on internet. One good example is Registry Cleaner.

Once you have taken all the necessary precautions, you are safe to play with Windows 8 Registry. Open the RUN box (Win + R) and enter the regedit command to open the Windows 8 Registry.


Now look for the following location in the Registry Editor window:


Under the Grid location, right-click on an empty area and create a New DWORD (32-bit) Value.


Once you have created the DWORD value, rename it as Launcher_SessionLogin_Animation_OnShow


Now, there is only final step left. By default, this newly created value is disabled. To enable it, double-click on Launcher_SessionLogin_Animation_OnShow value and set it to 1.


Registry editing work has been completed and now you can restart the system or the Windows Explorer to see the animation effect back on your Start Screen Tiles.

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